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Micro-Air EasyStart™ 364 - Run RV's Air Conditioner with 1 Honda generator! - Soft Start
Micro-air, Micro Air, Microair, Soft Start, EasyStart, Easy Start, RV Air conditioner, RV Hard Start
Micro-air, Micro Air, Microair, Soft Start, EasyStart, Easy Start, RV Air conditioner, RV Hard Start

Micro-Air EasyStart™ 364 - Run RV's Air Conditioner with 1 Honda generator! - Soft Start

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Wish you could run your RV's AC with only 1 Honda Generator? Now you can!

🌟 Only one 2200 watt (Honda®) generator needed to run A/C - 13k-15k btu

🌟 Lowers power needed to start AC

🌟 You'll save fuel running a single gen & money not needing 2nd or larger generator


☀ How does it work? ☀

The Microair Easy Start 364’s microprocessor delivers the precise amount of power at the right time to get your a/c’s compressor going. Once the compressor starts your generator takes over & you have cold air on a single Honda generator.

🌟 Run (2) AC’s on a 30amp connection

🌟 Protects your AC during RV park brownouts

Check out the video below from our friends at Micro-air


☀ Is it easy to install? ☀

The video below illustrates the ease of an EasyStart Install.


☀ Why a Honda generator? ☀

Most other brand generators use a smaller 80cc engine in their 2000 watt class generators & boast the same or higher wattage outputs. Honda uses a larger 121cc engine in their 2200 that will ACTUALLY produce the power they claim. Don’t rely on the wattage sticker, check the engine size of the gen. 😊

Specific Wiring Diagrams can help you determine the wiring method for your air conditioner.. We are always a phone call away if you need help!

Honda is a registered trademark of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Levi Clarke
Shockingly good customer service

I ordered a Easy Start kit from Hutch Mtn late in the planning for a big RV road trip. The kit arrived the day before we left. I jumped on the roof of the RV after work and started the install process. I ran into a snag in the process and had a pretty critical question so I called the shop. It was almost 8PM ET which is well after they close but I left a message hoping someone would call me back first thing the next morning and I would be able to complete the install then. Probably 5 minutes after I left the message I get a phone call from Utah, I was like NO WAY! Scott happened to be at the shop and heard my message and called me back immediately. He quickly got me back on track, offered to stay on the line while I completed the install, gave me his cell phone number in case I needed to send pictures etc... it was amazing and I was able to complete the install very quickly and easily. The learning process was also painless and my AC unit now runs off our little Honda generator. THEN, thats right its not over. Scott sent me a txt the next morning just double checking that everything was good. I can't recommend this company enough. Customer services is a scarce commodity these days but it is alive and well at Hutch Mountain. Thank you so much Scott!

John T Halstead
Excellent support department!

Support department very knowledgeable, pleasant, and patience.

Thomas Medina
Great company and Customer Service

Super happy with my purchase. Terry was a pleaser to do business with and was a huge help. Extremely grateful for the personalized note on my invoice. Would definitely do business again!!

Mark Duckworth
Don't Buy Anywhere Else

What can I say? The fellas at Hutch Mountain are just the best. Sure, they run a well-oiled machine that delivers on time; but to me, the real value is their product knowledge and tech support. When I had questions regarding the installation, one of the owners answered the phone. He not only knew the products, but also provided great guidance.

The Microair Easystarts work as promised. We can now run one of our RV's AC units on a 15A circuit or on our generator, or run both AC units on a 30A circuit.

I like Hutch Mountain so much I also bought the Microair digital thermostat and the Honda generator propane conversion kit from them.

Pierre G
5 is not enough stars

I’ll start by saying WOW !!
Easy Start delivered on its promise - it runs quieter
- it start with only 1 Honda EU2000 companion
And it was a breeze to install !!!
We did exactly what the paperwork said read it and WATCH THE video!! Before EZ Start we needed about 33-34 amps to start after easy start learned, only 16.2 - 15.8 / heck ya !! I only need one Gen with me now !!!!
Thank you for such a great product !!