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Hutch Mountain Products

When you buy a Hutch Mountain conversion for your Honda generator, we include a no-questions-asked warranty for the life of your generator. If you accidentally run the kit over with your RV, send us the pieces & we’ll replace it. You pay shipping to us and we take care of the rest!

Honda Generator Warranty

How many companies put warranties on someone else’s product? When you purchase a Honda generator it comes with a 3-year factory warranty. After installing a Hutch Mountain conversion, Hutch Mountain will continue to honor the components and terms covered in the original Honda warranty for the same duration of the original warranty. If you run into a warranty issue, don’t hesitate to call. WE HAVE YOUR BACK! 😀

Other Manufacturer’s Products

As an otherized dealer for many other companies, we take the headache out of the warranty process. Instead of you dealing with the manufacturer, we give you the immediate service you need. We’ll deal with the OEM later. 💪 (same warranty periods & terms apply as the OEM’s original warranty)