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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use gasoline on my Honda Generator after installing the Hutch Mountain Propane Conversion Kit?  

Yes. Our conversion kits are tri-fuel conversion kits which means that you can run your Honda Generator on propane, natural gas, or gasoline. We include a sticker in our conversion kits that replaces the factory Honda sticker to ensure you are using the correct fuel.

How long does my Honda Generator run on propane? 

There are a few factors that change the runtime on propane. First, the length of run time depends on the size of the generator model and the size of the propane source. On a standard 20 lb. BBQ Tank a full load will run for approx.. 12 HRs, Half load for approx.. 22 hrs., and a quarter load for approx.. 33 hrs. 


Do I need to purchase the iridium spark plug when I purchase my conversion kit?  

No, your stock plugs will work just fine. However, we really love the Iridium spark plugs because they are dependable, they take less energy to make a spark and make a clean spark which is ideal for igniting the fuel, giving you the most power available. 

Do I need to gap my spark plug on my Honda Generator?  

We recommend gapping your spark plug if you have a Honda eu3000is generator as it is necessary to run at its highest power and performance. We also recommend that you gap spark plugs no matter the model of generator you own so that your generator is running and performing at its best levels. 

Is there any power loss when using propane or natural gas?  

We take pride in knowing that your Honda Generator will run at its highest performance level possible as it runs on clean burning propane. Most propane kits on the market have a power loss of approx. 10-12%. The Hutch Mountain conversion kit has a hardly noticeable power loss of approx. 3-5%.  We love the fact that you receive the power you need when you need it most. 

Can I change the length of the vacuum hose during installation of the Hutch Mountain Conversion Kit? 

No. The vacuum hose is a calibrated 3 ft. length. If you need longer lengths, you will need additional adaptors including the Quick Connect Kit and a patch hose between the source and the generator. 

How do I connect my Honda Generator to Natural Gas?  

You must have a female 3/8” disconnect on the low-pressure side of your natural gas line coming from your source and a patch hose

Can I run my Honda Generator on a 1-pound propane tank?  

We recommend going with the standard 20 lb. BBQ Propane tank while running the Honda eu2000i or Honda eu2200i models and a 30 lb. Propane tank while using the Honda eu3000is.  

 Do I need an engine switch for the Honda eu2200i generator?  

No. The Engine switch will only need to be installed on any Honda eu2000i model. The Honda eu2200i models already have a 3-position switch installed. 

Does propane burn hotter/ and is it quieter?  

Propane does burn slightly hotter than gasoline but there is hardly a noticeable difference. There is no concern of it hurting your engine. As far as the decibel levels are concerned, there is not a noticeable difference in the decibel level. 

Is a Honda generator running propane hard to start in cold weather? 

Yes. Propane can be harder to start in colder weather. However, we have also found that extreme cold weather could require an electric blanket or a cold climate kit to prevent the regulators from freezing. 

Why do you not use a load block?  

We have spent many hours here at Hutch Mountain finding the best possible solutions for propane conversion. For this reason, we have a calibrated jetting system that takes the guesswork out of knowing if your generator is tuned correctly or not. A load block is no longer necessary to run propane on your Honda Generator. 

Do you have to use the choke on my Honda Generator when using a Hutch Mountain propane conversion kit?  

No. The only time you will need to use the choke is if you choose to use gasoline. 

Do you make kits for other brands besides Honda generators?  

We have tested many different varieties of generators and we believe that Honda is the best generator for your money. They are reliable and have great quality components and performance. The Hutch Mountain propane conversion kit is designed to be installed to make your Honda look and feel as close to the factory assembly as possible.  


How hard is the Hutch Mountain Propane Conversion Kit to install on a Honda Generator?   

We know that not all our customers are professional conversion kit installers, so we provide an easy step-by-step installation guide with every Hutch Mountain propane conversion kit. You can also contact our customer service department and we would love to walk you through the installation process. We are here to help. 


Will the Hutch Mountain Propane Conversion Kit void my Honda Generator's warranty? 

Because the propane conversion kit is not a genuine Honda part, the kit will void your warranty.  In the past eight years, we have never had a problem with a conversion kit harming the generator once properly installed. You can buy our warranty for $125.

Do I have to adjust the regulator on my Hutch Mountain propane conversion kit?  

If the generator is not running as expected, an adjustment may be needed on the demand regulator portion of the conversion kit. Higher elevations could possibly require an additional adjustment. Our customer service team is ready to help you if an adjustment is necessary. 

Will propane dry out the engine rings and seals on my Honda Generator motor?  

Because of today’s Technology in generators, the seals will not dry out while using propane or any other type of fuel. 

Do I need a regulator when using my RV propane/natural gas where it already has a regulator?  

The propane/natural gas coming from the RV is already being regulated so you would only need the demand regulator on the conversion kit. 

How long of a patch hose can I use?  

We don’t recommend having a patch hose longer than 25 feet in length. 

What is the difference between the total compatibility kit and the standard kit?  

The total compatibility kit has quick connects between the two regulators and a mounting bracket for the larger demand regular. The standard kit has both regulators connected permanently. 


Can I pair an old Honda eu2000i (outside the serial number range) with a newer Honda eu2000i (inside the serial number range). 

No, the older and newer generators have different inverter boards.  In time it will cause the electronics to burn out in one or both generators. 


Is it cheaper to run a Honda generator on gas or propane? 

Gas prices for both gasoline and propane fluctuate depending on the market. Although, we have found the cost to be very comparable in most cases. We will always stand by our reason for a Hutch Mountain conversion kit. NO MORE SMELLY GASOLINE! 


Will I need to glue anything when I install the Hutch Mountain Conversion Kits?

No, our conversion kits do not require any use of any type of glue during the installation process. 


Will I need to drill any holes in the Honda casing during the installation process?

Hutch Mountain wants your generator to look as close to the manufactured product as possible. Depending on your model of generator, drilling a hole is minimal and does not require any holes larger than 3/8" in diameter.