Power Grip Parallel Cable w/Handle + 30amp Breaker
Power Grip Parallel Cable w/Handle + 30amp Breaker Installed

Power Grip Parallel Cable w/Handle + 30amp Breaker

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πŸ€” Don't have a Honda "Companion" model & need to parallel (2) standard EU2200i or Eu2000i Honda Generators? This cable will save you $$ from buying the Companion & cost less than the other $180 solution.

βœ… Includes 30amp breaker - other cables do not protect you. You are safe! :)
βœ… Built-in 30amp RV outlet - no twist lock adapters needed
βœ… Enjoy your RV's A/C when you double the power
βœ… Fits Honda Generator Models EU1000i, Eu2000i, EU2200i - (see compatibility of older eu2000is below)
βœ… Other solutions cost $180. Google part # 08E91-Z07-100AH

β˜€ Honda Parallel Compatibility Range β˜€
Newer models can parallel with newer models. Older models can parallel with older models. You SHOULD NOT parallel a new model with an old model. 😊

Newer Model Serial # Range:
Connect any EAMT, EACT or EAAJ above EAAJ-2017305

Older Model Serial # Range:
EAAJ-2017305 or lower can be paralleled

IMPORTANT NOTE **As the parallel ports of the Honda generators bypass the internal circuit breaker this cable DOES include a 30amp breaker for your safety. Most other cables on the market do not. Be Safe! :) **

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