GenerLink™ Transfer Switch
GenerLink™ Transfer Switch

GenerLink™ Transfer Switch

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What do you do when the lights go out?

Protect your family!

Restore power to your home in minutes with the GenerLink™! The GenerLink™ ensures peace of mind and provides reliability during a power outage. Never worry about moving appliances or running extension cords again. Keep your family safe with the advanced surge protection features. Both the GenerLink 30 amp and GenerLink 40 amp deliver simple and safe power from your generator through the GenerLok Power Cable direct to your breaker box. 

Make sure you and your family are ready for anything, with the easy to use GenerLink Transfer Switch.

The GenerLink™ is a UL-listed, socket-mounted, transfer switch installed behind your electric meter that eliminates the need to run power chords through your home.  

  • Installed and ready when you need it.
  • Takes minutes to install by your local utility personnel.
  • Built-in surge protection! 75kA per phase protects all your white appliances from surge notifying you with an audible alarm when you have received a surge.
  • 20 foot GenerLok Power Cable included.
  • UL Listed meter mounted transfer switch (UL1007M)
  • Compatible with up to a 200 amp service.
  • Prevents back feeding of the utility line.


GenerLink 30 amp - use with portable generators running below 8,500 watts. Comes with a L14-30 locking connector on 20 foot GenerLok Power Cable.  

GenerLink 40 amp - use with portable generators running below 10,000 watts. Comes with L14-50 straight connector on a 20 foot GenerLok Power Cable.

Choose from the automatic GenerLink or manual transfer Trifecta. The Trifecta has all the same great features as the GenerLink but allows you to manually switch the power for less.

 We will ensure your local power company completes the installation process quickly and correctly.


Give us a shout out 435.494.1975. We're happy to help.