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GenerLink™ Transfer Switch (Automatic)
GenerLink™ Transfer Switch (Automatic)
GenerLink™ Transfer Switch (Automatic)
GenerLink™ Transfer Switch (Automatic)

GenerLink™ Transfer Switch (Automatic)

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What do you do when the lights go out? Protect your family!

Restore power to your home in minutes with the GenerLink™! The GenerLink ensures peace of mind and provides reliability during a power outage. Never worry about moving appliances or running extension cords again. Keep your family safe with the advanced surge protection features. Both the GenerLink 30 amp and GenerLink 40 amp deliver simple and safe power from your generator through the GenerLok Power Cable direct to your breaker box.

Make sure you and your family are ready for anything, with the easy to use GenerLink Transfer Switch.

The GenerLink is a UL-listed, socket-mounted, transfer switch installed behind your electric meter that eliminates the need to run power chords through your home.

  • Installed and ready when you need it.
  • Takes minutes to install by your local utility personnel.
  • Built-in surge protection! 75kA per phase protects all your white appliances from surge notifying you with an audible alarm when you have received a surge.
  • 20 foot GenerLok Power Cable included.
  • UL Listed meter mounted transfer switch (UL1008M)
  • Compatible with up to a 200 amp service.
  • Prevents back feeding of the utility line.


GenerLink 30 amp - use with portable generators running below 8,500 watts. Comes with a L14-30 locking connector on 20 foot GenerLok Power Cable.

GenerLink 40 amp - use with portable generators running below 10,000 watts. Comes with L14-50 straight connector on a 20 foot GenerLok Power Cable.

Choose from the automatic GenerLink or manual transfer Trifecta. The Trifecta has all the same great features as the GenerLink but allows you to manually switch the power for less.

We will ensure your local power company completes the installation process quickly and correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GenerLink?

The Generlink is a device that allows you to connect your portable generator directly to your home's power electrical system.

How much does GenerLink cost?

Depending on if you want the automatic transfer or the manual transfer. They range from $935-$1259.

How long does it take to install the GenerLink?

The Generlink is a very quick process to install. It would take you longer to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich than it would to install the generlink.

Can a homeowner install a GenerLink?

The Generlink needs to be installed by either a licensed electrician or the utility company. The utility company will determine who will install the unit.

What is the difference between the GenerLink and a Transfer Switch?

The Generlink is designed as an alternative to a transfer switch. There are some differences between the two.

A transfer switch may require re-wiring of your home’s electrical system, The Generlink is installed right after the meter and feeds power right to the panel.

Transfer switches often have 6-8 hard wired circuits which limits the number of circuits you can connect to a transfer switch. This limits the number of appliances and outlets you want to power through the transfer switch. The Generlink is mounted right after the meter feeding power to the entire breaker panel Meaning you can pick and choose which appliances and outlets you want to power by isolating them at the breaker panel up to the capacity of your generator.

Transfer switch usually only has a few 240 volts circuits which restricts you on the big appliances you want to operate while the power is out like your hot water heater or over. Where the Generlink supplies power to your entire power breaker so you can power any appliances you want if the generator that you have will handle the load.

What size generator do I need for the GenerLink?

Your generator should be big enough to run the largest appliances that you want to power during a power outage. Generlink offers a 30amp service or a 40amp service just depending on what appliances you have and want to power.

Will GenerLink work with any generator?

The Generlink will work with any 240-volt generator that has a 14-30amp plug. If you have questions on whether your generator will work, call us at 435-494-1975.

How do I connect my generator to a GenerLink?

When you purchase a Generlink it comes with a specially designed cord. Insert the four-blade prong of the cord into the outlet on your generator then plug the cord into the receptacle on your Generlink. You will know the cord is plugged in and in place when you hear a snapping sound once inserted.

How can I tell if utility power is back so I can turn off my generator?

The Generlink has three indicator lights: Green, yellow, and Red.

The green indicator light means that there is normal utility power. You can de-energize and disconnect your generator from GenerLink.

The yellow indicator light means that your house’s energy load is more than 30 amps. You should reduce the energy load by turning off circuit breakers before operating your GenerLink with a generator. Note: it is normal for the yellow indicator light to be lit up while utility power is present.

The red indicator light (either lit up on its own, or at the same time as the green light) means there could be a problem with your GenerLink. If you have any issues with your GenerLink be sure to give our team a shout at Hutch Mountain at 435-494-1975.

What happens if utility power is restored while my generator is running with the GenerLink?

Your generator will continue to power your home until you turn the generator off, then if you have the automatic transfer once the generator is turned off the generlink will automatically transfer back to utility. If the Manual transfer is installed once the generator is turned off the generlink will have to be manually transferred from generator power back to utility power.

What happens with GenerLink when the power comes back on?

Depends on if you have the automatic transfer for the manual transfer. With the automatic transfer when the utility power comes back on the generlink will automatically transfer from generator power to utility power. With the Manual transfer you must go out to the meter and manually break the generator power and manually transfer over to make the utility power.

Is GenerLink legal?

Generlink is legal with most utility companies in the United States!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Potts
Great product

We have only needed it twice in 2 years, but it has worked flawlessly. We are able to run well and sump pumps, furnace, freezers and fridge, in addition to tv’s and lights. Our Ohio EC installed in a matter of minutes. So glad we purchased as it, along with portable genny, has been wonderful insurance as a back up solution for a reasonable cost.

michael calonge

What an easy process. Fast shipping and easy project. Just order the size you need then call your utility company. Install is free in the area I live.

Brandon Sicotte

Great product so far works as designed