NEW Bluetooth Model Micro-Air EasyStart 364 Soft Starter
NEW Bluetooth Model Micro-Air EasyStart 364 Soft Starter

NEW Bluetooth Model Micro-Air EasyStart 364 Soft Starter

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New Bluetooth model makes installation easier! :)


The bluetooth EasyStart is not a thermostat, but rather an installation tool.  See our "EasyTouch" if you want a bluetooth thermostat.  :)


Wish you could run your RV's AC with only 1 Honda Generator? Now you can!

🌟 Only one 2200 watt (Honda®) generator needed to run A/C - 12k-18k btu

🌟 Lowers power needed to start AC

🌟 You'll save fuel running a single gen & money not needing 2nd or larger generator

🌟 GENERATOR & AIR CONDITIONER NOT INCLUDED – Bluetooth EasyStart 364 & Kit Only

  • The All New Micro-Air Bluetooth EasyStart 364 is the smartest version yet! At startup your air conditioner is a POWER HOG 🐷!! From your smartphone, watch the Bluetooth EasyStart transform and gently “soft start” your RV’s air conditioner with ease. See real-time before & after results! Pull into an RV park with low voltage or dangerous electrical? The Bluetooth EasyStart also monitors power quality & protects your ac’s compressor from damage.
  • No need for a 2nd or larger generator which conserves fuel. Just one Honda 2200 generator can run your air condition. Also, run two air conditioners from a 30amp connection! Works great for limited power situations when using inverters & solar.
  • Easy to follow installation guides, videos or even a quick call, we are here to help! The new Bluetooth app gives you confirmation the EasyStart is correctly installed & shows you live data.
  • Unlike others, EasyStart is made in the USA! It does not void your warranty. Easystart (364-X36-Blue) is smart and “learns” your specific air conditioner and is compatible with ALL Coleman, Dometic, GE, RecPro or other brands. This new model works with all 120v & 240V RV’s & boats!
  • Install Kit includes REAL Wago connectors, Hutch Mountain's Installation Kit is the perfect companion to any EasyStart installation. You will have the confidence to not only install the EasyStart on your own RV but will also be able to help a neighbor with theirs!


☀ Is it easy to install? ☀

The video below illustrates the ease of an EasyStart Install.


☀ Why a Honda generator? ☀

Most other brand generators use a smaller 80cc engine in their 2000 watt class generators & boast the same or higher wattage outputs. Honda uses a larger 121cc engine in their 2200 that will ACTUALLY produce the power they claim. Don’t rely on the wattage sticker, check the engine size of the gen. 😊

Specific Wiring Diagrams can help you determine the wiring method for your air conditioner.. We are always a phone call away if you need help!

Honda is a registered trademark of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


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